Tiny Aviary in Deutschland


September 22, 2009

Hallo - I am currently traveling in Germany, and so Tiny Aviary is on hiatus until October. More when I return. Happy Autumnal Equinox!

New South Pole Explorer Print


September 09, 2009

Brrr! It's getting colder out, but these two know how to stay warm! I'm a bit of a South Pole exploration, and natural history nut, and so have been wanting to do something that was a bit of an homage to figures like Ernest Shackleton, Scott, and Amundsen and the fearless canines that were ever present on those journeys. This depicts a man that is very loosely based in appearance on someone named Tom Crean. Crean, described by one of his shipmates as "indestructible", joined the likes of Shackelton and Scott for several South Pole excursions. The dog is based on a sled dog, named Shakespeare, from Shackelton's Endurance expedition. I just finished this about a week ago, and it's a 3 color screenprint.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird -Archilochus colubris


September 01, 2009

I saw one of these the other evening while sitting looking at Lake Michigan. It flitting about the tops of trees. Ruby-throated humming birds are the Northeast's only species of hummingbird. It's late summer/early fall, and so I am sure it was on its way south to winter in Central America.

Right now, I'm in Seattle for the holiday weekend. I'm working at the Flatstock poster convention at the Bumbershoot Music Festival. If you are attending, stop by my booth and say hi!

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